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Welcome to my World!
Wetlook is not about age, it's about the fact that wetlook looks 
good on everyone and everyone can enjoy wetlook!

I love to make mature wetlook, ladies over 30 are beautiful

Movie of skinny, cute and very funny Kathy in a clingy dress

Renate in denim skirt and blue top has lost a lot of weight and is proud to show it! Looking good!

Esther in white skirt and black top under a blouse has so much fun in the sun!

Movie of Margriet in wide denim and white jacket over purple top

I live in Holland, so if you are from around here and would like to pose for me,
feel free to contact me at info@wetlookworld.com. Men, women and couples are welcome!
I believe that posing in wet clothes gives so much extra power to a picture,
and I want you, my visitors, to taste the pleasure we had during the shooting.
Enjoy my pictures and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!