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Welcome to my World!
Wetlook is not about age, it's about the fact that wetlook looks 
good on everyone and everyone can enjoy wetlook!

I love to make mature wetlook, ladies over 30 are beautiful

We got many compliments about the white blouse from the previous update and requests for more, 
so we give you this nice movie of Esther being very happy in a similar white blouse that reveals almost everything, including denim hotpants and a big bra. Plus bare feet.

available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

A bit more sexy than we usually post, but Cato was not wearing a bra 
underneath her white blouse, that got really see-through during the shoot.

available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Great movie of lovely Renate. She is truly smashing in her very short shorts and matching shirt, with such grace and great wetting! Nice long hairplay as well.

available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

I live in Holland, so if you are from around here and would like to pose for me,
feel free to contact me at info@wetlookworld.com. Men, women and couples are welcome!
I believe that posing in wet clothes gives so much extra power to a picture,
and I want you, my visitors, to taste the pleasure we had during the shooting.
Enjoy my pictures and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!